Kevin Painter potentially retires after Q School

The former PDC Players Champion and PDC World finalist darts star Kevin Painter may have thrown in the towel on his professional career earlier today.

He commented

I think my last game today is a message from the Lord above, couldn’t lose that if I tried another one hundred times. He’s saying “Kev, time to retire now pal, you’ve had a great career just go enjoy the money you’ve earnt as a pro the last 25 years and relax”.

It’s nothing to do with rushing into a decision just because Q school ends, people around me know I’ve been talking about it for a while now. I’m not unhappy, in fact the opposite, I feel a weight of expectation lifted. I will enjoy the fruits of what my ability has given me.

Nobody can have a career at the top of the darts tree for 25 years without help, of course ability is number one, but if it wasnt for Mel Simpson, my first manager, and his wife Marilyn I coudn’t have started the journey. I thank them very much.

We at Tungsten.TV wish Kevin Painter all the best, who will no doubt be doing exhibitions up and down the country when the covid19 restrictions are relaxed. Great value and a great thrower at exhibitions. One of the best throwers in his time and but for some luck didn’t achieve what his talents deserved. Good luck!

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